Now you can get your own custom 100th Monkey Cards!

I’ve made custom cards for some of the best magicians and mentalists in the world: Banachek, Cyril Takayama, Colin Cloud, David and Leeman, Justin Willman, Ian Rowland, Nick Einhorn, Looch, Michael Murray, Jack Nasher, Joshua Quinn, Ran Pink and many others!

Great performers know there’s nothing like tailoring an effect to their own personality or for that special show.

Imagine a CEO not being able to read the name of his company, a TV host not being able to read her own name, or a bride not able read the groom’s name!

Maybe a gypsy fortune written in Romani transforming into a detailed personal reading on your girlfriend’s phone! Perhaps a spell which reveals a person’s deepest desires reveals a whole lotta sex! A set of random words could reveal something a spectator is thinking of. Maybe the gibberish of a Word Find puzzle transforms into “Will you marry me?”

The possibilities are endless!

When The 100th Monkey originally came out, a lot of people thought of it as an effect – taking away someone’s ability to read. But it’s actually a method – it switches one word for another and so has potentially as many uses as a sleight such as a double lift. Though of course The 100th Monkey does something a DL can’t: your spectator and the rest of the audience see the different words at the same time!

I think the magic community has barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of this principle. If you have an idea of something you’d like to do with it but aren’t sure how to achieve your desires, I can help you finesse your routine so it will work (the method has peculiarities which I can guide you through) and there are tricks to find just the right words.

The cost is $70 for one card (in three light levels and with normal duplicate) or 3 cards for $150. Cards are sent via email so there’s no shipping charge.

Note: the cards are for use by the performer but are not for resale.

Email me at cwphilpott@hotmail.comwith the words you want and we'll take it from there!





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