Exclusive Pre-sale for Chris Philpott’s New Book Test!

From the creator of The Tossed Out Book Test ("Frankly, if this had been mine, I would not have sold it, but kept it for myself." - Richard Osterlind), and Incandescence: The Love Poem Book Test (“It has many new and original features that make it a significant contribution to the genre.” – Dick Christian), comes…

The Crossfire Book Test!

A fast, clean and stunning new book test, in which you read the thoughts of between 4 and 8 spectators (no process, no writing and no fishing!) This not only features some incredibly clean mind-reading, but also a surprise twist kicker ending!

The performer shows a copy of one of the most magical books ever written: Peter Pan. Every page appears different (they are), and ungimmicked (they are not). The performer riffles through the book – a spectator calls stop, the performer stops exactly on that page and has the spectator remember a word (no peeks).

Then, in a manner similar to the multiple card selection (one of the greatest effects in magic), between 3 and 7 more people also call stop as you riffle and they think of a word!

Without asking a single question, the performer quickly rattles off several details about the word: “I’m getting nothing. Maybe that’s the point. I’m sensing an absence, something missing. Something….” He stops and writes a word on a white board or pad. He asks the spectator to name her word: “Lacking”. The performer shows his board: he has written “Lacking”.

But as he moves on, he faces some difficulties: some people are resistant to mind reading. Half the words are nailed quickly and precisely, but with the others, the performer can’t seem to name the precise word though he always gets close (like saying “Leg” instead of “Limb”, “Wood” instead of “Cork”, “Space” instead of “Area” and “Ankle” instead of “Knee”).

In the end, he’s only got half the words right. Disappointed in himself, he looks at his white board and realizes something: “In the field of magic we call mentalism, we can read minds, predict the future and sometimes we tap into patterns even we don’t understand. This seems to be one of those cases.”

He turns the board toward the audience to show the four words he has mind-read flawlessly:

Then he reveals a deeper pattern at work, revealing the other four thought-of words: Limb, Area, Cork and Knee:

And accepts his applause.

Chris Philpott takes his knowledge as an award-winning feature film screenwriter and director and applies it to this effect. In a movie, a hero earns our respect by handling some difficult challenges easily, but draws us into his story by bravely confronting obstacles he can’t quite surmount, only to rise triumphant in the end. That is exactly what happens in The Crossfire Book Test. While the book is small enough to fit in your back pocket, the effect is big enough to wow a large theater!

The copy of Peter Pan matches the copy used with Chris’s Tossed Out Book Test, so the two effects can be combined!

Special Pre-Sale Discount Prices (only available until April 8th):

The Crossfire Book Test: $59 (estimated price after presale will be $80):
Free Shipping in the US.

The Crossfire Book Test (International): $59. Add $14 Shipping.

The Crossfire Book Test, plus an ungimmicked book to switch out for examination: $75. Free shipping in the US.

The Crossfire Book Test, plus an ungimmicked book to switch out for examination (International): $75. Add $20 Shipping

Combo Package: The Crossfire Book Test, with ungimmicked duplicate and The Tossed Out Book Test: $320 (regular price, apx. $400). Only Available in the US, with free shipping.

Ships April 10

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