Chris Philpott’s Holiday Monkey

Two new effects exclusively available to owners of The 100th Monkey and Babel!


Effect #1: Holiday Monkey

Everyone knows some topics of conversation should be avoided when your family gathers around the holiday dinner table – and now you can cast a spell to ensure these topics are avoided! You show a series of cards printed with topics of conversation. When you show a volunteer safe topics like Movies, Sports or Celebrity Gossip, they can read them just fine, but when you show controversial topics such as Politics, Religion or How You’re Raising Your Children, the volunteer suddenly can’t read these cards! A hilarious version of Speechless just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and great for any family gathering!

Effect #2: Speechless for the Holidays

The most famous effect from the original 100th Monkey release gets the holiday treatment! Exactly as in Speechless, the performer takes away someone’s ability to read, but this time, the words all relate to the holidays, eg. Family, Turkey, Cranberry, Toboggan, Christmas, Chanukah… Ties in beautifully with how the spirit of the holidays turns everyone into a kid again – or how eating too much turkey turns off your higher brain functions. Twelve new words perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving shows!

Why is this exclusive?

Doing a magic release the usual way takes a lot of time. My last DVD (Babel) had over 400 jpegs! Then there are the written instructions, video instructions, performance footage, promotional footage, ads… As a result, I can only release a small fraction of the effects I come up with. So I thought, what if from time to time I release a few effects without all the promotional hoo haw. I skip the ads and market directly to people who’ve bought my effects in the past. I can keep the costs down (and the price) but also it allows me to be more open, because I know I’m talking strictly to magicians.

What do you get with Holiday Monkey?

You get access to a dropbox with 86 jpegs (all new) that you can print up at home or a copy shop, and a brief instructional video.





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