*NEW* Here's an example of a strong, original and easy-to-memorize three-phase routine:

1) After freely choosing a page and reading a few verses of love poetry on that page “to stimulate the mysterious psychic connectedness that love brings” the spectator thinks of a word and you read their mind.

2) You ask them to read a few lines and you get impressions as they read. For example, you sense the repeated use of a single letter (you’re right). You ask them to count how many times that letter is used in the line. This time you get two answers, as if one is from their conscious mind and one from their unconscious. The number they are thinking of matches their conscious thought, but when they go back and double check, they discover they’ve made a mistake – and the real answer is the one you named as their unconscious choice! (No switches.)

3) As they think of a verse, you describe a scene in detail – location, objects, colors, actions, emotions. When you’re done, you ask them to point to the verse they chose and you read it aloud: you’ve gotten hit after hit – all your scattered observations coalesce into a single beautiful verse of poetry! This phase can also be done with the spectator getting his partner’s impressions! This is a real applause-getter!

“I believe that "Incandescence" has many new and original features that make it a significant contribution to the genre… ‘Incandescence’ is clearly well worth an investment of several times the selling price.” - Dick Christian





Incandescence PLUS: The Love Poem Book Test©
Only Available Here!

Nothing unites two minds like love…

Incandescence, the love poem book test, now comes with a brand new phase: one spectator reads their partner’s mind!

The original Incandescence is beautifully simple and straightforward: a spectator opens a book, chooses a page, thinks of a word – and you read their mind. And it looks just like a book of poetry – complete with table of contents, index, a forward by the editor, and editor’s notes. It stands up to close scrutiny: these are real poems written (and gimmicked) by Chris Philpott.

But now something new: After someone freely selects a word, the performer shows a card with an old etching labeled “Rotam Amoris”: “The Wheel of Love”. “This was used as a way to meditate on your lover in ancient times. They said it actually connected two lover’s minds. Like Facetime.” Then as one spectator stares at the wheel one of the Latin words changes and they have a vision of a word – it turns out to be the word their partner was thinking of! (And yes, this phase uses the 100th Monkey method.)

"Incandescence is a beautiful, thoughtfully constructed effect. The performance tips at the end of the manual are also very valuable words. Any mentalist who takes them to heart will benefit greatly!" -Angela Funovits

The book is a highly intricate assemblage of gimmicks – there can be up to 12 phases! (handy for situations like trade shows where you don’t want the same words popping up over and over.)

But it's easy to do just the first phase (for which you have to memorize only six words, though a book mark cheat sheet is provided). It’s easy to add other phases as you please.


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