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A spectator thinks of one of any one of over 30 valuable objects: a Rolex watch, a sapphire necklace, a Louis Vuitton Skateboard, or a winning lottery ticket: it is a truly free choice, nothing is ever written down and no questions are asked.

The performer asks the spectator to imagine he has this valuable object and he has to get it home and hide it. But someone is trying to steal it from him. The performer shows him pictures in a spiral-bound book with options to get home and hide the object: on wide thoroughfares or narrow alleys, entering his home from the front door or back, hiding it in the bedroom of basement. The spectator reveals none of his choices.

The performer then explains this has all been a con. The valuable object is the thought the spectator holds in his mind; the thief is the magician, trying to steal that thought; and the imagination game of how the spectator gets home and hides it tells the magician everything he needs to know about how he would try to hide the thought. The performer then tells the spectator not only what the valuable object is, but where in his house he’s hidden it.

Mind Thief is an effect I’ve been working on for over five years. It includes a combination of methods and strategies in a way that maximizes the emotional, dramatic and fooling power of the effect. It also includes a number of variations that I’ve explored along the way. And as with many of my effects, the newness of the methods often generates other new ideas. So I encourage everyone to send me any feedback on this effect and anyone who buys this pre-release version of Mind Thief will get an email update with the new ideas people send in.

Includes an instructional video, presentation book, and extra jpeg artworks. Ships September 7.








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